Wreck, Starfish, Graffiti and an Octopus

Some pictures from Saturday and this morning - Header is a view of the new Graffiti Art down the beach, unfortunately it covers the old one of the turtle and octopus (which i must admit was getting a bit faded)

Below the "read more" we have a view of the old fishing boat wreck at the east end of the beach, 

A starfish,

And then this morning I found a shell that had a cute little occupant :-) Unfortunately not a very good picture, but I was more concerned about getting the little guy back in the water.

Last week, Friday and Saturday, we had winds out the south and ended up with a tremendous amount of sargasso seaweed on the beach (fortunately a very rare occurence in Simpson Bay) I started digging a trench to bury it in the sand and one of our guests decided to come and help, so, with me digging and Tori raking, we had our section of the beach cleaned up in a couple of hours. Thanks Tori, sorry about the blisters.

SuperBowl LV 2021

Another great SuperBowl Party in the books ...

A very small, exclusive, group this year - only five of us (4 rooting for one team and 1 for the other)

And - THE FOOD !!!!!! - its going to take a week or two to work that off !

Click on the "read more" below to see the menu and photos (thank you Karen W. for the photos - yours are much better than mine)

Valentines Day 2021

Valentines Day (Just like Super Bowl) was another small group this year, only 7 of us.

But that didn't stop us from over eating and having a thoroughly enjoyable day. We had a little change from previous years and, instead of a Brunch, we had a late Lunch with pulled pork on buns, baked christophenes, cesar salad, macaroni salad, chocolates, cupcakes (2 different types) fruit salad, coconut rum soaked pineapple, all washed down with delicious Sangria.