August 20

August 20

Progress is slowly moving forward, we will be tiling the lower level floors soon, and installing the windows after the concrete roof slab is done. We already have a coat of primer paint on all the lower floor walls and ceilings, and also on the front exterior wall.


Our new palm trees appear to be growing well - nice morning shade along the side wall.

New palms.jpg


View across the front - getting a coat of primer on the walls etc. to show up any defects. 

Front view.jpg


And here are a couple of comparison pictures taken from about the same place on the deck around the "Round House" - the corner of the cistern is behind the right hand car in the first picture and adjacent to the new electrical room at the base of the stairs in the second picture.

October 22, 2016:-




August 15, 2018:-


It's going to take a lot of TIME to get the vegetation anywhere near its former beauty ..................................

We do have a plant nursery going down back which will help.

We are missing the "Happy Hours" under the BBQ pavilion - gets to be a bit quiet with just Debbie and me.