August 24

August 24

Progress, although much slower than we all want, is moving steadily forward. On Tuesday the concrete roof slab was poured, Patching and plastering of the downstairs units is 98% done and paint prime coat is done as much as possible. We are patching and plastering (skim coat) the exterior walls while we wait for the slab concrete to cure. (2-3weeks) Our kitchen cabinets are all here and they are being stored in Unit 7 bedroom, Windows and sliding glass doors, although ordered 18+ weeks ago, are due in end of this month !!!! (we were originally told 6-8 weeks delivery??)


BUT, it is an absolutely gorgeous day here today.

Went for a swim at 6 this morning and didn't come out of the water till after 8  :)

Here's an Angel Fish I saw while out there.

24 Aug 2018 angel fish.jpg


Then while I was checking on the work upstairs, I saw this sailboat coming by. 

24 Aug 2018 sailboat.jpg

Life's a Beach