September 23

September 23

I'm a very happy boy,  I got to go fishing this morning - we now have fresh Mahi Mahi fo dinner - Many thanks, Captain Andre.

And, I got to take a photo from the water on our way back to the dock.

Well, we have:- floor tiles, kitchen cabinets, most of the windows (still without screens !! Been promised that they are coming along with the other 15 windows), BUT, we are now waiting for the sliding glass door frames to be installed - we have been promised that this will happen on Thursday. Once these frames are in we can start preparing for, and laying, the floor tiles. 

Then, Finally, we will be able to start with the rest of the finishes...................    :)


September - Unloading tiles.jpg

Unloading the tiles was quite a production - unload from container in the street onto our little white pickup - drive in and back up to unit 7 entry door, unload and stack (about 30 times !!! cos the little pickup could only take a maximum of 20 boxes of tiles per load) My back said "ENOUGH " quite early in the process - fortunately there were many other stronger backs to pick up my slack, and I had the "chore" of opening beers (It was a Sunday/Funday)

All units now have primer paint on most of the walls and ceilings, wiring within units is about 80% done, with outlets wired and temporary pigtail lights in each room. There is progress even if it is much slower than what I would like, At least it's progress. 

We are looking forward to having all our Toad friends back visiting the Island. (I know that some of you will be here soon and staying elsewhere while we continue to rebuild, please come on over to enjoy our beach and also join us for "Happy Hour")

Life's a Beach