November 13

November 13


I must apologize for not updating the blog for quite a while - Sorry, Sorry, Sorry.

Well, we are STILL waiting for our sliding glass doors!!! (I ordered the doors and windows way back on April 11 !!) This causes a small problem by preventing us from installing the kitchens, BUT, we are still scheduled to be ready to open mid December.

Rain has also been a bit of a problem - delaying the exterior tiling. (2-1/2 inches on saturday night, 1/2 inch last night)

View from next to the BBQ:-

Nov 13 2018 3.jpg

Interior tiling is almost finished, drywall to interior bathroom walls is about 80% done, new generator is on the island and will be installed and hooked up next week, last bit of concrete (parapet wall) will be poured today or tomorrow - we had to wait with that so we could encase the porch roof rafters into this concrete.

As soon as the drywall is done we will install bathroom vanities, toilets, etc. Kitchens will go in as soon as the sliding glass doors have been installed. (they were promised for last week ........)

Then furniture, pots & pans, plates, glasses, bedding, drapes, etc, etc. etc.  :-)

View from the roof looking at the Round House:-

Nov 13 2018 2.jpg

View from the roof looking east along the beach:-

Nov 13 2018.jpg