December 09 Sunrise

December 09 Sunrise

A pretty sunrise this morning with an almost cloudless sky .......

 Building looks pretty good in the early morning light. I like how the sunrise was reflected in the sliding glass doors.

Dec 09 2018 1.jpg

As you can see all sliding glass doors are in, some adjustment still required, .......................

Cherry and Jackie have started with the finer cleaning in the units to prepare for the arrival of furnishings, pots, pans, cutlery, silverware, etc. etc. etc.

Still a bit of exterior tiling to be finished - will all be done this coming week.

Debbie came home with a Christmas Tree yesterday - starting to feel the spirit.CHristmas music playing too :-)

We have friends coming over for "Happy Hour" this evening.- time for a little relaxation.

Getting there.

Love Debbie and Doug