First Guests Arrive

First Guests Arrive

Ready for our first Guests in the new building ....

 And we have Guests ..................

We had a quiet "Happy Hour" before our Guests left for dinner.

Two units occupied, and another check-in tomorrow !!

Dec 28 c.jpg

Another view:-

Dec 28 b.jpg

We had a bit of excitement this evening, someone came up our stairs while we were eating dinner, to tell us that there was a sailboat on the beach out front.

After Debbie called around she got in contact with the owner, who had already been informed, and was on his way. Fortunately, with help from people on the beach and a powerfull motor boat, the 34 foot sailboat was safely pulled off the beach and back out to sea.

Now, it's off to bed for me - we've had a very long day.