Multihulls and eels

Multihulls and eels


Today was the first day of the Caribbean Multihull Challenge - we watched the starts with binoculars and the old telescope. I managed a few photos with a 300mm lens.

 Yesterday I swam out to the seagrass beds (or what remains of them after Irma) I did see some small areas where it appears new seagrass is starting to grow. Have still not seen any starfish or Conch. Hopefully they will reappear soon. 

On the way out there I found this little guy - about 30cm (12") long - I like the track it left in the sand.

2019_0207_081455_003 (2).jpg

I'll see if I can get some better photos of the Multihulls over the next 2 days.................

And who knows what I may find during my morning swim.

Keep warm, to those friends up north.

All the best