Big boats and little boats

Big boats and little boats


There was a dingy boat regatta in Simpson Bay this past weekend, and yesterday "Royal Clipper" sailed past on her way to Lisbon (Portugal) - looks like she sailed west down the south coast of the island and then around the west end and between St Martin and Anguilla.

Here are some photos of the dingy regatta:-

Start of one of the Optimist races

20190409 oppies 1.jpg

3 Oppies headed up to the weather mark

20190409 oppies 2.jpg

RS Vision start of a race

20190409 rsvision start.jpg


RS Vision class - Broach !!!. "Please come back up ....................."

20190409 rsvision come back up.jpg

Group of RS Vision dingies

20190409 rsvision group.jpg

RS Vision - Out on a trapeze

20190409 rsvision trapeze.jpg