Potpourri of palms, parties, projects and painting

Potpourri of palms, parties, projects and painting

Quite a while since I last added to our blog, a lot has happened since then, Super Bowl Party, Valentines Day Party, Cosmo Party, and many Happy Hour gatherings.

 2020_0127_064819_004 (2).JPG

I found a broken Helmet Shell with a resident octopus - I tucked the occupied shell into a nook under a rock.


IMG_5733 (2).JPG

We had a "Burger Bar" for the Super Bowl with delicious Wagyu Beef burgers and a whole lot of "fixins" (tomato, onion, bacon, avocado, lettuce, cheeses, blue cheese sauce, etc)


IMG_5737 (2).JPG

New and old (long time) friends


IMG_5752 (2).JPG

Cosmo Queen


IMG_5750 (2).JPG

Laying out the lines for painting the new "Toad Wall"


IMG_5801 (2).JPG

Getting there .......

IMG_5819 (2).JPG

And ..........   DONE ! !


IMG_5823 (2).JPG

I wanted to put a brace under this palm to stop it from sagging lower, so ended up with 2 attached benches to disguise the support. Vertical pieces are from floor joists of the old building and the slats are from the flooring - all salvaged from the remains.     :-)