Day 8 of ??? since our last guests left

Day 8 of ??? since our last guests left

Our favorite "Isolation Seat". While sitting there in the morning, watching the sun rise, sipping my coffee and looking out over the horizon, It's easy to believe that "While sitting there,There are no world problems" Charlie Webb will vouch for me here.

Well things are pretty quiet down here, only the occasional plane landing and departing, no guests in the house, thinking we will be shut down all the way through April ...... and maybe even May too at this rate, it's all very unsettling. BUT, right now, I cannot think of a nicer or safer place to wait this out.

I went for my normal nice long swim this morning and found my Octopus friend hiding in a pipe down the beach - unfortunately no good photos.

Looking forward to the fun and banter of Happy Hour on the beach again soon. And the snacks, OH the SNACKS !!!! I think I'm loosing weight, but I really miss those Happy Hour snacks.

Meanwhile here are a few photo teasers to keep you all warm (and possibly even sane)   ;-)

20200329 02.jpg

Betsy, enjoying the sunset


20200329 03.jpg

Margarita guarding the stairs


20200329 04.jpg

Looking east down Simpson Bay Beach


20200329 05.jpg

Looking west up the beach.


Please stay safe everyone, and stay home, stay apart, wash those hands, etc. You all know what needs to be done.

Looking forward to the end of this crazyness so our lives can get back to our new normal.

Love to everyone