COVID Lockdown day 27 (I Think)

COVID Lockdown day 27 (I Think)

The Government of Sint Maarten has just extended the "lockdown" to end on Sunday May 17.

AND, Who knows if it will be changed again ??????? Very uncertain times we are going through.

As soon as we are permitted, we will be opening, probably to a whole new way of life. We will adapt as needed to provide the safest environment possible for our guests.

But, the weather is still gorgeous, sea is beautiful, flowers are blooming, fruit is ripening, and nature carries on as normal.

So,to whet your appetites, here is an assortment of pictures taken over the past few days ..........

IMG_6020 (2).jpg

IMG_6064 (2).jpg

Pink Bougainvillea and a Cosmo ;-)

IMG_6070 (2).jpg

IMG_6084 (2).jpg

It looks like we are preparing for a storm - all furniture inside (well most of it) and the hurricane shutters are all closed.

IMG_6090 (2).jpg

IMG_6087 (2).jpg

Beached are mostly deserted

IMG_6088 (2).jpg

IMG_6100 (2).jpg

IMG_6103 (2).jpg

IMG_6105 (2).jpg

Thank you to Dennis at Caribbean Palms for the beautiful yellow double Hybiscus. We need to find a good location to plant it this weekend.

IMG_6102 (2).jpg

IMG_6005 (2).jpg

Betsy guarding the office above, and below Margarita mining for sand crabs 

IMG_6007 (2).jpg

We are still hoping to make it up to the States this summer and have booked flights - we will have to wait and see if the dates end up changing.

Lots of virtual HUGS to all our friends around the world, and please stay safe and healthy, we are looking forward to having you all here to visit again soon. Happy hour is pretty quiet with just Debbie and me. And I have no one to chat to while I drink my coffee in the mornings - Ginger doesn't have much to say. (Actually she is quite vocal, but I don't understand her.)

But, as many of you know, the world problems seem to vanish while sitting looking out over the Caribbean Sea.