Covid Update September 15

Covid Update September 15



The Island Government has eased the COVID testing requirements for Guests visiting our island. There is now a 5 day window from testing to departure for the island. A vast improvement on the previous 3 days.

All this new information can be found here

 And a few photos from around our garden, just to whet your appetites ........................

IMG_6064 (2).jpg

Oh LOOK, the "Cosmo" matches the Bougainvillea !!!!



IMG_6102 (2).jpg

"The Toad"



IMG_6070 (2).jpg

Pretty picture



IMG_6105 (2).jpg

A beautiful double yellow Hibiscus - We planted it outside "The Mimosa Suite" 



IMG_6108 (2).jpg

Travellers Palm to welcome all you travellers :-)



20200329 03.jpg

And, Margarita is missing all her friends ..........

As are we - and we are looking forward to welcoming you all - the island is still Beautiful.

Cheers,   Debbie and Doug