SuperBowl LV 2021

SuperBowl LV 2021


Another great SuperBowl Party in the books ...

A very small, exclusive, group this year - only five of us (4 rooting for one team and 1 for the other)

And - THE FOOD !!!!!! - its going to take a week or two to work that off !

Click on the "read more" below to see the menu and photos (thank you Karen W. for the photos - yours are much better than mine)


Hors D'oeuvre -- Nachos, both mild and spicy

Soup -- Vichyssoise

Entree -- Burger bar,  Wagyu burgers with all kinds of fixin's (Macaroni cheese, bacon, avocado, lettuce, tomato, onions, mushrooms, cheese, and all sorts of condiments)

Deserts (Yes PLURAL) -- Well,   ......   I'll just let the photos do the talking,  WOW !!

superbowl LV 1.jpg


superbowl LV 2.jpg


superbowl LV 3.jpg


superbowl LV 4.jpg


superbowl LV 5.jpg

AND THE DESERTS ....................

superbowl LV 6.jpg


Missing all of our Toad friends - Please stay safe and healthy - we look forward to welcoming you all back when you feel safe to travel.