Margarita digging for sand crabs ..................


Fortunately Dorian did pass to the south of us, we did have some very strong wind gusts and lots and lots of rain.

Luckily we sustained no damage apart from a broken plant pot - One of the potted palms on the downstairs deck was blown over and the glazed pot broke - the pot has already been replaced and the palm now has a bigger pot to grow in.


With all the rough seas we had in the last few days, I have missed my morning swim/snorkel - I went for long beach walks instead - today the sea was finally calm enough for me to go for a nice long swim with water clear enough for snorkelling.


We are thinking of all the people still in the path of Dorian and praying that they are safe and spared any damage. 

Big boats and little boats

There was a dingy boat regatta in Simpson Bay this past weekend, and yesterday "Royal Clipper" sailed past on her way to Lisbon (Portugal) - looks like she sailed west down the south coast of the island and then around the west end and between St Martin and Anguilla.

Lilies and Lion Fish

We're back from a happy vacation visiting family up in the States, and, as with all vacations, it was way too short, but now its past time for a blog update.

The water was GORGEOUS this morning as can be seen in this view from the upper floor deck. Definitely will be going for multiple swims today.

So, now for a couple of photos from here ......................

St Pats

I was having too much fun and didn't take enough pictures of our St Patrick's Day dinner, it wasn't until the St Maarten Magic was poured when I decided to take some photos .....