September 23

I'm a very happy boy,  I got to go fishing this morning - we now have fresh Mahi Mahi fo dinner - Many thanks, Captain Andre.

And, I got to take a photo from the water on our way back to the dock.

September 11

September 11 - Thinking of those who perished this day in NY so many years ago.


Yesterday was one of those hot windless days that we get so often at this time of year........................

August 24

Progress, although much slower than we all want, is moving steadily forward. On Tuesday the concrete roof slab was poured, Patching and plastering of the downstairs units is 98% done and paint prime coat is done as much as possible. We are patching and plastering (skim coat) the exterior walls while we wait for the slab concrete to cure. (2-3weeks) Our kitchen cabinets are all here and they are being stored in Unit 7 bedroom, Windows and sliding glass doors, although ordered 18+ weeks ago, are due in end of this month !!!! (we were originally told 6-8 weeks delivery??)

August 20

Progress is slowly moving forward, we will be tiling the lower level floors soon, and installing the windows after the concrete roof slab is done. We already have a coat of primer paint on all the lower floor walls and ceilings, and also on the front exterior wall.