Watching Beryl



We are keeping a carefull watch on Beryl, fortunately, this morning she was downgraded from cat 1 hurricane to a strong tropical storm. Hope the weakening continues.

Progress on the construction side is still slow, island pace !!!

Slab Poured


Finally we got the slab poured this morning - started at about 8:00 (slight delay while we searched for and found the driver of a car that was parked right where the concrete pump needed to be) - finished the concrete work at about 12:30.

Picture taken at 01:21pm today

Will be able to start tomorrow on the upper floor wall formwork, steel, etc.

Debbie left today to go and visit Betty up in Maine, with a stop in DC to visit Heather and Spencer.


Today Betty underwent Hip Surgery, Debbie is up in Maine with her, and reports that the Doctor said all went well.

Debbie said that Betty is now back in her hospital room and is looking good.


DSCN4364 (4).jpg

A picture of our "Creole Lady"

How many of you have read the book "Don't Stop the Carnival" by Herman Wouk ..........................

Thats our life right now


Yes, we were supposed to pour the 1st floor slab, BUT, the concrete pump had a problem, so now we are scheduled for tomorrow early ---- we will see.

DSCN4472 - 1.jpg

And a picture of "Flamingo"

These are some of the new Hibiscus that we are growing for "The Toad"

Hopefully we will have some photos of the slab being poured tomorrow ;)

Till tomorrow ........................




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